What to stream this weekend: HBO Max musical ‘In the Heights,’ Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Infinite’

While movie theaters are mostly back up and running for the summer season, new streaming films are still coming home to entertain you and your family.

This weekend, “Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. Chu tackles the movie version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s pre-“Hamilton” Broadway hit for HBO Max, Mark Wahlberg sees past lives in a Paramount+ sci-fi action thriller, a lost George Romero film is unearthed by Shudder, and Gina Rodriguez fights sleep deprivation in a Netflix family drama.

If you’re planning to return to your local theater with your family, the kid-friendly sequel “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway” features a bunch of bunnies voiced by Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Debicki and James Corden as the furry title scamp.

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But if you’d rather stick closer to the couch, here’s a rundown of new movies hitting streaming and on-demand platforms this weekend, for every cinematic taste:

If you’re missing Broadway shows: ‘In the Heights’

Playing a New York bodega owner who dreams of returning to the Dominican Republic, Anthony Ramos is a standout in the rousing and electric musical that captures the many cultures and characters in the bustling Washington Heights neighborhood. While the plot lacks narrative focus, Chu puts on quite a show creating fantastical razzle-dazzle with great choreography and Miranda’s catchy, genre-mashing songs.

Where to watch:HBO Max and in theaters

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If you’re a Marky Mark completist: ‘Infinite’

Wahlberg brandishes a samurai sword and amnesia issues as a struggling dude diagnosed with schizophrenia but is actually an ancient warrior who’s lived many lives and can’t remember them. He needs to fix that fact quickly because his last life hid a weapon that could end the world. It’s an interesting concept failed by shoddy execution, though Chiwetel Ejiofor’s highly watchable as a scenery-chewing nihilistic bad guy.

Where to watch:Paramount+

If you’re interested in digging up George Romero’s long lost film: ‘The Amusement Park’

Shot by the “Night of the Living Dead” filmmaker in 1973, the educational program about the plight of the elderly commissioned by the Lutheran Society ended up being shelved by the group for being too scary. Thankfully, it’s been restored and now sees the light of day as an affecting allegory about the fears of growing old, starring Lincoln Maazel as an aging man facing nightmarish rides and horrendous treatment by fellow human beings.

Where to watch:Shudder

If you enjoy both apocalyptic sci-fi and Gina Rodriguez: ‘Awake’

When a strange occurrence knocks out all power and people are unable to sleep, a former soldier and widowed mom (Rodriguez) has to keep her family safe, especially when her young daughter (who can snooze) may be humanity’s savior. A cool premise, for sure, and Rodriguez is a solid action heroine, though civilization weirdly turns “Walking Dead”-level bad in hours, not days, amid a head-scratching narrative.

Where to watch: Netflix

If you could use an empowering pick-me-up: ‘Skater Girl’

While the sports melodrama utilizes familiar underdog and coming-of-age tropes, it still works thanks to the unfamiliar pairing of skateboarding and India. Played by terrific newcomer Rachel Sanchita Gupta, teenage Prerna discovers the wide-wheeled world of ollies and drop-ins thanks to a sisterly British-Indian visitor (Amrit Maghera), and would rather compete than agree to her parents’ wishes to find a husband.

Where to watch: Netflix

If you dig working-class slices of life: ‘Holler’

Up-and-coming actress Jessica Barden is the highlight, starring as a smart teen girl trying to scrape enough money together to go to college and escape her Ohio hometown. With their mom in jail, the youngster and her older brother (Gus Halper) join an extremely sketchy scrapyard crew, though the situation becomes dangerous in the bleak drama written and directed by former Marine Nicole Riegel.

Where to watch: Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon and in theaters

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