Justin Bieber Passionately Kisses HaileyBaldwin In Canada & Calls Her His‘Quarantine Partner’

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Escape ToCanada: Why It’s ‘Important For Them ToPlay It Safe’

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are continuing to make the most of their self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak. The singer kissed his wife and called her his ‘quarantine partner’ in a new pic.
Justin Bieber  26, and Hailey Baldwin, 23, continue to be the cutest self-quarantining celebrity couple out there during the coronavirus pandemic. The pair is holed up in his $5 million Ontario, Canada mansion after leaving Los Angeles. The singer shared an Instagram photo on March 18 passionately kissing his wife. He captioned it “My quarantine partner,” and in under one hour it had nearly 1.5 million likes. With so many people being forced to work from home or are out of work because of the heath crisis, it’s so heartwarming to see their love.

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