In Netflix’s ‘Away,’ Hilary Swank stars as an astronaut in trailer

Hilary Swank is reaching new heights in her latest role.

The Oscar-winning actress, 46, took to Instagram on Monday to share the first official full-length trailer for Netflix’s “Away,” in which she stars as astronaut Emma Green, who embarks on a dangerous, years-long mission to outer space.

The trailer opens with Swank’s Green offering her daughter “a present,” a bracelet with three large charms.

“That’s the Earth, the moon, Mars,” she says as she points at the charms. “And the string is me making my way back to you. So just remember, the further away I get, I’m actually getting closer to being back to you.”

As the two-and-a-half-minute clip continues, it’s revealed that Swank’s character is headed out on a three-year mission to Mars, a lifelong dream of hers.

Things at home seem to go awry when Swank’s husband collapses in his kitchen and is hospitalized, and can be seen wearing bandages on his head.

“They need me more than anyone and I’m not there,” Swank’s Green says.

“You think you’re the only one haunted by the sacrifices you made to get here,” says one of the crew members, as the trailer cuts to another crew member tearfully apologizing to a loved one over video chat.

The situation out in space doesn’t seem to go very smoothly either, as a fiery explosion rocks the ship the crew is in.

“We haven’t done anything nearly as dangerous as what we’re about to do,” a crew member warns.

The clip includes shots of the astronauts floating in space while their family members await their return to Earth.

“I will return home,” insists Swank. “You’re my reason. My reason to hold on tight.”

The actress told Deadline recently that the role was more “physically challenging than I’d expected,” explaining that the show was about “deep” and “layered” people going to space.

“I love that this commander of the mission to Mars is a woman and that’s not the drama of the story. That shows how far we’ve come towards equality. The drama was these richly, racial backgrounds, these people who are on this journey, working towards a goal together, while having this gravitational pull to Earth, these families that made it a love story,” said the “Million Dollar Baby” star.

The story is about ambitions and human connections, Swank said.

“My character was dealing with this dream come true of this mission to Mars, dream come true of being a mother, which was unexpected and growing these deep relationships with these other human beings she was on this mission with and breaking through these stereotypes.”

The show is executive produced by Jessica Goldberg, Edward Zwick, Adam Kassan, Jason Katmis, Matt Reeves and Swank. Goldberg also created the series while Katmis is also credited among the program’s writers.

Josh Charles, Talitha Eliana Bateman, Ray Panthaki, Vivian Wu and more also appear in the series, which debuts on Netflix on Sept. 4.

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