Everything to Know About Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s ‘The Wilds’

Back for more! Amazon Prime’s The Wilds introduced viewers to a survival story that provided shocking twists and turns until the season 1 finale.

The drama series follows a group of teenage girls who are left stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. The high school students don’t know that they are subjects in a social experiment — until they are later rescued by the same people that put them in the situation.

Season 1 focused on the girls’ time on the island and in the bunker shortly after their rescue. The finale ended with Leah (Sarah Pidgeon) escaping from her room only to discover cameras on the island that showed a group of boys as the next subjects.

Ahead of the sophomore season, producers Sarah Streicher and Amy B. Harris opened up about the message behind the shocking social experiment.

“This is I think partially the way Sarah and I view the world, [but] we did think that probably Gretchen was right — that women at the bottom of it would find a way to build a community,” Harris told Variety in December 2020 of Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths), the character in charge of the experiment. “Obviously we’re living in a very divided world right now and people are behind their computer screams trolling one another and screaming strong opinions and not listening to one another. What would happen if you pulled people out of that world — a Dot and Shelby who don’t have a ton in common, but are from the same place — would they start to see common ground? We felt like they would.”

She continued: “That is maybe a little bit of our hope: If you just put down your phones for five seconds and actually talk to someone else, you will see you actually have more similarities than differences. And their greatest similarity is the desire to survive.”

Although the show had not yet been renewed, the writing team revealed that they always had a plan for the show’s future.

“I would say we have a very good blueprint, but are willing and open, once we start building the next portions of the house, to see different things come together. But yeah, we did not want to get into a position where we were like, ‘Where do we go now? We’ve sort of written ourselves into corners,’” Harris told Collider that same month. “We’ve tried to kind of really build out a structure.”

Streicher, for her part, added: “Also though, we do have vignette ideas where each girl will land at the end of this. And that is important for keeping us on track, character-wise. And that was really fun to generate — the idea of where do they land, after this experience?”

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