Eva Mendes opens up about her insecurities, thought she had a ‘weird’ face

Eva Mendes is recalling her young days and sharing her insecurities she was having back then.

Mendes opened about her feelings with her fans on her Instagram. Recalling about a time from nearly 20 years ago, she said that thoughther face looked “weird.”

Eva Mendes took time off social media after daughter told her she ‘was on the phone too much’

The 47-year-old star took to Instagram to share a snap from the movie “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”, whichreleased in 2003. EvaMendes wrote, “I remember seeing this photo back then and thinking my face looked ‘weird’ and that my bone structure was odd …yadda yadda…you know all those insecurities that a 26-year-old can have.”

“Meanwhile 20 years later and now I wish I still had that ‘weird’ face and odd ‘bone structure.’” she continued. ”Why’s my point? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s if you hate a photo of yourself wait 20 years then you’ll love it.”

In the end, she quoted Oscar Wilde, writing, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Several fans took her comment section and said that they could relate to the Hitch alum’s message. One user wrote, “Oh to be in your 20s and have the wisdom of your 40s. If only.” while another wrote, “I often see pics like that of myself and think why the hell was I so insecure then???

Eva Mendes took time off social media after daughter told her she ‘was on the phone too much’

Mendes was recently accused of taking a break from Instagram due to a botched plastic surgery. By replying to it, she said, ”I’m not sure why I’m answering you but here I go. I’m posting less because I really want to be present for my family. My little ones need me and posting takes up too much time,” she said. “As far as getting work done, I’ll do that whenever I please. But no, that’s not the reason. The reason is I personally cannot juggle family and social media. So -big shocker -I choose family. Lotsa of love to you out there.”

She responded at the comment section where some of the fans, suggested that her absence was due to plastic surgery which has gone wrong.

The 46-year-old actress and businesswoman shares two daughters with her partner Ryan Gosling. Mendes has stayed out of the public eye over the past couple of years as she is busy enjoying motherhood.

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