You Can Skip These Oscar-Nominated Movies

I just didn’t want to take another look at you.

You haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody!? That’s fine. The Lifehacker staff gathered our collective 2018 movie-watching experience, and named the Oscar-nominated movies that you can safely skip—including ones we ourselves did not even watch. You can actually safely skip any movie, ever, that’s how entertainment works. But you can especially skip these!

A Star Is Born

I am pleased to relieve you of any compulsion you felt to see A Star Is Born. The people who tell you it’s amazing are being manipulated by gauzy lighting and melodramatic music. The characters and story are thin. Bradley Cooper has about three lines and they are all inaudible. Lady Gaga can sing but you already knew that. It’s a humdrum love story that feels dated, of another time, out of touch with the complex, layered storytelling and rich characterizations of, say, Black KkKlansman or Can You Ever Forgive Me? More like A Star Is Bored and that star is me, and not you, because you’re not going to see this schmaltzy flick.


After watching BlacKkKlansman, I figured a lot of flaws—the mundane dialogue, the awkward arc, the weird motivations that drove the main characters to rookie mistakes, the bad guys who are suddenly good guys and then suddenly bad guys again—must have come out of sticking close to the real-life source material. And then I read director Boots Riley’s essay on how much this story was whitewashed to make racist cops look better. The real cops had been just as hostile toward black civil rights groups as they had toward the KKK. There wasn’t really a story here worth telling. Know what’s worth telling? Riley’s Sorry to Bother You, probably the most culturally important movie of 2018, which has zero Oscar nominations.


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