Witches battle terrorism in new Freeform show ‘Motherland’

Freeform’s new witch drama “Motherland: Fort Salem” imagines an alternate universe where witches play a major role in American government.

“To me that was a very interesting premise,” says Taylor Hickson, 22 “Deadly Class,” who plays main character Raelle Collar.

“Motherland: Fort Salem,” (premiering March 18 at 9 p.m.) follows Raelle and her friends as they go through an elite basic training program to prepare to use their powers to help America — thanks to a deal their ancestors cut 300 years ago during the Salem Witch trial era. (The deal is appropriately called ‘The Salem Accord’).

In the show’s version of the modern world, witches are similar to Navy SEALs — only it’s an all-women army that fights terrorists with supernatural means.