Why The Cancelled Marvel Shows Should Time Jump If They Return

Now that Netflix has finally revealed the fates of Jessica Jones and The Punisher, all of Marvel’s Netflix universe shows have been cancelled. While it’s sad the showswon’t remain on the platform, there is a silver lining that Marvel retains the right to potentially bring those heroes back in some way two years from the cancellations. Should Marvel revive some of these shows on another network or streaming service, I believe each revival should undergo a time jump.

Basically, a lot can happen in two years. That’s especially true in Hollywood, where plenty of other opportunities can drop on an actor’s lap while they wait to see what the future holds for their hero show. Are they just going to hold out and cross their fingers Marvel gives their show a new home, or are they going to follow the money and deal with scheduling conflicts should things progress down the road?

It depends on the actor, of course, but one major star of the Marvel franchises already may need to make that call in the next couple years. Mike Colter’s currently tied up in a CBS pilot that, if successful, could interfere with his role as the leading man of Luke Cage. What would Marvel television do if one or maybe more of its main Defenders isn’t available to return?


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