Whitney Port Says ‘The Hills’ Reboot Will Be an Adventure: ‘We’re a Bunch of Parents With Babies’

The Hills are alive with the sound of reboot hype! As MTV prepares to bring back the 2000s reality show, original star Whitney Port is getting fans excited for another round of unscripted drama.

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Port, 33, dished on the New Beginnings reboot while speaking at the Create & Cultivate Opens a New Window. conference in Chicago on Saturday, August 25. “We’re starting to film the end of September,” she revealed. “I don’t know exactly who’s going to be on it. It’s really scary.”

The alum of The City admitted to being skeptical about the reboot initially. “When I first heard about it coming back I was like, ‘This is just a rumor,’” she said. “I’m like, ‘What are we going to film? We’re a bunch of parents with babies.’”

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Now, however, the fashion designer — who shares a 13-month-old son, Sonny, with husband Tim Rosenman — seems totally on board with the idea. “I’m excited for everybody to follow along in what’s happening with our lives, and to show more of the balance, or lack thereof,” she said. “And it’s a fun adventure for me, in my almost mid-30s, to be back on TV.”

TV Reboots and Revivals
It might be a different show, however, if Port has her say. “I started out on TV where the producer’s job was to pit women against each other,” she told the crowd. “And at the time, in my early 20s, I just thought we were making a TV show. And sometimes I’d play ball, and other times, I’d be like, ‘No, this is not what we’re supposed to be doing. This is setting such a terrible example.’ So after I did the show and I matured a little, I realized we need to build each other up.”

MTV has not yet announced a premiere date for The Hills: New Beginnings.


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