We need a ‘Bird Box’ sequel to answer our many, many burning questions

In the movie, dirty-suit creep Gary (Tom Hollander) has pictures that suggest the thing driving people to suicide is indeed a creature. He displays his psychotic pencil drawings that look like everything from the “Stranger Things” Mind Flayer to Tom Hardy’s CGI “Venom” face.

However, Malerman seems to suggest that the evil being is invisible. This week, he jokingly tweeted a “figurine of the creatures” in “Bird Box,” with a photo of an empty toy package.

We know seeing is dying when it comes to the “Bird Box” baddie. But It’s unclear whether the malicious – we’ll call it a force? – infiltrates the brain.

The movie shows that people like Jessica (Sarah Paulson) are happily chatting about horses one moment, and throwing themselves in front of speeding trucks the next. The film also makes it clear that victims tend to hear voices that aren’t there, and that insane people want others to be killed by the force (while being immune to it themselves).

That still doesn’t explain the aura’s (OK, we’re trying a variety of words) killing method.


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