“Very Perceptive” Jay Cutler Transforms Into a Dating Coach for Kristin Cavallari’s Best Friend

Who knew Jay Cutler was a budding dating coach?

On Sunday’s all-new Very Cavallari, Kristin Cavallari headed to Los Angeles with Brittainy Taylor for the opening of their Uncommon James pop-up in Los Angeles. Thus, with the Very Cavallari star out of town, her spouse took it upon himself to fix best friend Kelly Henderson’s love life.

“I feel like there’s a lot of complaining and what ifs between you guys and what you’re gonna do,” Jay informed Kelly and Kristin ahead of the latter’s trip. “I think you just gotta get out there and do it.”

While The Hills alum felt that Kelly has been putting herself out there, the retired quarterback noted that the stylist only dates those in her “little bubble” and “little circle.” Thankfully, the father of three had a solution for Kristin’s longtime gal pal.

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