‘The Secret’s Sarah Hoffmeister Reveals The ‘Inspiring’ Words Katie Holmes Wrote To Her In Sweet Note

Sarah Hoffmeister stars in the film adaptation of ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream.’ HL spoke with the young actress about working alongside Katie Holmes, the movie’s message, and more.

The Secret: Dare To Dream is now available on Premium On Demand. The film adaptation of the bestselling book by Rhonda Byrne stars Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas, Sarah Hoffmeister, and more. The movie follows a young widow named Miranda, played by Holmes, who is trying to make ends meet while raising her three children and dating her boyfriend (Jerry O’Connell). A devastating storm brings an unforeseen challenge and a mysterious man named Bray, played by Lucas, into Miranda’s life. Bray helps the family but also holds an important secret that will change everything.

HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Sarah about playing Katie’s onscreen daughter and more. Sarah was already familiar with The Secret before she even got the audition, so that made this opportunity even more exciting. She also opened up about her character’s journey in the movie and the sweet note Katie wrote her after filming was over.

What stood out about this film and character that made you want to go for the role of Missy? Sarah Hoffmeister: I’ve always known about The Secret since I was really little. So getting this audition was definitely very exciting. When I first read the script for this film, I just couldn’t stop reading. I actually got the script while I was at school. I read it throughout all my classes just to finish it because it was just so interesting, and I just couldn’t stop reading it. The character of Missy I could just relate to a lot because she comes from a single mom, and my parents are divorced. Although our situations are a little bit different, she’s still in the beginning of the film very insecure about herself, always comparing herself to others, which I feel like a lot of girls fall into the habit of doing. But then with Bray’s help, she’s able to become confident and actually love herself and help her mom through all these hard times that they’re going through. I think that is very powerful if you look at the positive and the better side of things you can change your whole perspective on life.

Had you read the book before auditioning? Sarah Hoffmeister: Yes, my mom actually read it when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I remember her watching the documentary actually, and she had me watch it with her when I was really young. We would always make vision boards, and we would cut out pictures from magazines and put it on a blank piece of paper of the things that we wanted. I would cut up pictures of Disney princesses or Hawaii or things that I wanted around. So we used to do that and hang it up in our room so we could look at them all the time when we go to bed or wake up in the morning. So when I got this audition, I was definitely very familiar with The Secret and all that.

What was it like working alongside Katie Holmes, who played your onscreen mom? Sarah Hoffmeister: She was just very open and genuine, so it was really easy to connect with her and become close with her. Her acting is incredible. She really helped us younger actors really get into character. One time before the scene where there was a big storm happening outside, she played an audio of thunder and lightning and rain and branches falling everywhere. It really helped us get in the mood. She’s just very genuine and kind. She interacted with everybody, and she never made anyone feel left out or lesser than her because she is such a big actress. She just made everybody feel like they were included, and it was very nice. Katie wrote me a card at the end of our shooting and said that I have a bright future in front of me. Having that come from her was very inspiring. It just feels like I have someone that’s backing me up and totally believes in me.

What do you want young people your age to take away from this movie? Sarah Hoffmeister: I think I just want people to understand that if they’re living in this whole negative world that their life is not going to be happy and positive and the way that they want it to be. If they keep looking towards what they wish would happen, they’re not going to be happy. They just need to be content in what they have and just stay positive about what’s going on. Even in negative circumstances, always looking on the bright side and knowing that everything happens for a reason I think is really important for your life to be a lot happier in general.

When did you realize that you wanted to be an actress? Sarah Hoffmeister: I’ve kind of always been into the acting. I did school plays since kindergarten and then I would do plays in after school programs. I think that ended in third grade, and I started doing private theater production companies. I loved it and my mom saw this passion and decided to have me try film acting doing background to see if I liked it. I just fell in love with it at about 8 years old.

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