The most horrifying claims from night two

The three-night, six-hour Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” aired its Part 2 Friday night, featuring the two hour-long episodes “Sex Tape Scandal” and “The People vs. R. Kelly.”

While the first two hours of “Surviving R. Kelly,” which aired Thursday, focused on the singer’s early life and his alleged initial encounters with underage women, including his marriage to the 15-year-old Aaliyah, Friday’s episodes hone in on Kelly’s sex tape scandal, his 2002 indictment on child pornography and his trial, which culminated with his acquittal in 2008.

Below, read more about the allegations in Part 2 of “Surviving R. Kelly,” and revisit the recap of Thursday’s Part 1 episodes here.

USA TODAY contacted Kelly’s representatives for comment.

USA TODAY asked Lifetime to respond criticism of the documentary. Kannie Yu LaPack, SVP, Publicity and Public Affairs for the network, told USA TODAY she would not respond to specific criticisms, but she said in an email that everything in the documentary had been “legally vetted and corroborated.”

Later, she sent an official statement via email: “‘Surviving R. Kelly’ is a six-part documentary series exploring R. Kelly’s personal and professional history, showcasing the survivors who are emerging from the shadows to unite their voices and share their allegations of abuse. The documentary also tells the stories of families who are currently still trying to get their girls home.”

The underage girl in R. Kelly’s tape was allegedly the niece of one of his associates — and he lied about her age during threesomes

The second part of “Surviving R. Kelly” focuses on the infamous sex tape that showed Kelly allegedly urinating on an underage girl.

Two of the woman interviewed in the documentary claimed to know the underage girl in the tape. The first was Stephanie “Sparkle” Edwards, a singer who worked with Kelly as his bandmate and mentee, who claimed that the girl was her niece and she introduced her to Kelly when the girl was 12.

““It (expletive) me up, it really did. It’s over with, but it still haunts me. I should have never introduced her to him,” she says in an interview, crying. “I should have never introduced my family to him. How dare (he)?”

“On the tape, my niece has the same hairstyle she had when she turned 14. That was her, for sure,” she said about her niece’s presence in the video. “And that was him. Definitely.”

The second woman to identify the underage girl in the tape was Lisa Van Allen, who says she was a victim of Kelly’s abusive behavior. Kelly coerced her into having sex with him and the girl who allegedly appeared in the tape, lying to Van Allen and telling her that the other girl was 16, not 14, she said.

“He and I were actually having sex with her. I was unaware of how young she was. She was actually 14,” Van Allen said, describing how she was 18 at the time of the encounter.

“When I figured out that I had sex with a 14-year-old, it made me feel betrayed because he lied to me and told me she was 16, which would’ve been close to my age,” she continued. “And it also made me question his motives. I mean, the fact that he lied to me about her age told me he obviously knew that wasn’t OK, for her to be younger. It made me feel sick to my stomach. My daughter is older than she is now. We didn’t have sex with (the girl in the video) anymore after I found out she was that much younger.”

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One of Kelly’s alleged victims says she risked death to steal a video of her, Kelly and the alleged sex tape victim

While filming the “I Wish” music video with Kelly, Van Allen described seeing a bag of tapes Kelly had with him. She says she watched several of them and saw footage of Kelly having sex with different young girls.

“I came across the (tape) one with me, him and the 14-year-old,” she said, describing how the tape contained footage of Kelly urinating on the girl. . “…When I saw it, it upset me, and I didn’t want him to have possession of the tape anymore, because I was in it. So I took it, and I kept it on me, and when I got a chance to go back to my hotel room, I left it at my hotel room. And he never noticed it was gone.”

Van Allen said she befriend a few of Kelly’s artists and asked them to hold on to the tape for her.


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