‘The Masked Singer’ Week 2: Our Guesses for Which Celeb Is In Which Costume

Who’s behind the mask? That is the million-dollar question on Fox’s The Masked Singer. After its massive premiere – nine million viewers tuned in to the debut – the momentum continued on Wednesday, January 9. With six new acts, only one celebrity was revealed. However, Us Weekly is breaking down all the hints – and our guesses – for each singer!

Clues: The rabbit has spent most of their life on stage, but never alone. It seems he was (or is) part of a pop group, since “synchronized singing” is his “forte.” He twitched throughout most of the performance before singing Ricky Martin Opens a New Window. ‘s “Livin’ La Vida Loca.”

Guesses: This is most likely NSync’s Joey Fatone Opens a New Window. . His wedding was carnival-themed, as was the preview video. He stated it’s “gonna be me,” just like the song. Also he said he “pops up everywhere.” In April 2018, NSync had a “Dirty Pop-Up” shop. However, he did say he had performed in a mask before. Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean Opens a New Window. famously did that in the “Everybody” video

Clues: During her intro, the petite alien talked about being part of a famous family, revealing she has many sisters and grew up in the public eye. “I let others define me, but no one will ever control me again,” she said.

Guesses: While the judges thought maybe it was Kourtney Kardashian Opens a New Window. , we’re also thinking LaToya Jackson could be a contender. The “control” line seemed to be a giveaway.

Clues: The raven said that all of her life, she had listened to other people’s stories and she’s used to an audience. Aditionally, she said she’s a talker who has recently suffered a tragic loss.

Guess: A talk show host who recently lost someone? That would be Ricki Lake. Opens a New Window. Her husband died in 2015.
Clues: In the poodle’s rainbow-filled video, she revealed she loved to be on stage, came from a musical family but was known for a different talent, and San Francisco was a big part of her life. She also said her career had a lot to do with “exercising [her] right for free speech.” Plus, working out seemed to be an overall theme.

Guess: Margaret Cho? She’s from San Francisco and has been on stage as a comedian for years. Plus, she’s part of the LGBTQ community. Ali Wong is also an option.
Clues: The bee revealed she’s had a long career — she started singing in the fifties! — and while you can call her a queen bee, “empress” is also welcomed. She also wanted to share her voice with a new generation.

Guess: This one has to be Gladys Knight, a.k.a. the “empress of soul.”

Tommy Chong was the man behind the pinapple! His performance was fun and laid back and during his clues, he said he a beat life-threatening disease. Chong has battled both prostate and rectal cancer. Still, the biggest clue was at the end of his intro video, in which he stated, “You’ve gotta seize the day before your dreams go up in smoke.”


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