The Masked Singer Finale Revealed The Big Winner

After weeks of crazy performances, guesses, and reveals, The Masked SingerSeason 1 has finally come to an end. The three remaining competitors sang their hearts out, but in the end only one could be crowned champion of the crazy singing competition that is already set to return for Season 2. In the end it was The The Monster that ended up claiming the top honor, and upon unmasking, the world collectively learned it was T-Pain underneath this whole time!

 T-Pain stood tall and proud atop The Masked Singer stage, while the crowd roared and the judges congratulated the show’s first champion. After so many weeks in the competition, it has to be great for him to finally open up and reveal he won the show. It also has to be great for all of the competitors to not have to wear those costumes anymore, as some have indicated their disguising nature has a bit of a cost in terms of comfort.
It was an exciting night overall, as T-Pain’s win ultimately meant the other two mystery contestants were unmasked as well. The Bee ended up in third place, and was unmasked to be none other than the empress of soul Gladys Knight. As for the show’s runner up, The Peacock, that was none other than singer Donny Osmond, much like the internet suspected.
 As for other interesting parts of the night, it was cool to see all 12 competitors reunite on stage for the first time. It was also cool to see Kenan Thompson back on the show, despite the fact that he wasn’t a part of the core judges the show started with. He and Joel McHale would be great to see as regular judges in Season 2, so here’s hoping Fox can pull them in for more episodes in the future.

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