‘The Bachelor’ recap: Shocker! Colton sends 4 contestants home, 1 quits

After only one woman went home last week (bye, Elyse), this week’s “Bachelor” was going to be a bloodbath. No surprise: It was! Five women left the show this week, four of whom Colton sent packing himself.

So, who’s left?

We pick up this week right where we left off with last week’s “to be continued” cliffhanger: with Colton frustrated on the beach. Heather dubs the Onyeka/Nicole/Colton drama “the moment of the century,” because, sure, there’s nothing more important going on in the world.

Onyeka confronts the group and asks if anyone feels like she’s ever bullied them, and Nicole later joins them.

“Nicole, you said I bullied you, back it up!” Onyeka says in front of the group.

The show doesn’t waste any time bringing us to the rose ceremony. There are seven roses on the table, which means two people are going home. It would be too easy for the two to be Nicole and Onyeka, right?

Wrong! The two troublemakers are out of the house faster than their backstabbing bickering match even began.

And then we properly start this week’s fun

Love at first sushi roll

Colton and the remaining contestants head to Vietnam, and Hannah G. (winner of the first-impression rose) gets the first date card.

“Hannah G. is absolutely stunning,” Colton says about her. “Every time I see her I get a little smitten.” The two sneak in some spa time and get facial masks.


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