The 5 best British royal TV shows to binge-watch this weekend

It’s good to be the Queen. Or King. Or vaguely affiliated with either.

The British royals are having quite the moment in pop culture, between Oscar hopefuls “The Favourite,” about Queen Anne, “Mary, Queen of Scots,” about the titular Scottish Queen’s relationship with Elizabeth I, and “Victoria” returning on PBS for a third season Sunday. Plus the third season of “The Crown” is forthcoming and the actual royals are popping up every other day with new outfits and tabloid dramas.

In honor of this very posh pop culture season, we’ve picked the five best TV shows to watch about the British royals. If you get through them all, don’t worry, there are many, many more.

If you have time to catch up on “Victoria” before it returns, it’s worth it. Starring “Doctor Who” alumna Jenna Coleman, the series begins with Queen Victoria’s ascension to the British throne at age 18, and follows all the pitfalls and victories of her early time on the throne as she navigates the British parliament and foreign relations. Coleman is electric as the young queen, offering a picture of one of the most famous monarchs that is far removed from the aging widow we’re all so familiar with.


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