The 10 best movies of 2018 (so far), ranked

The world gets crazier every day, but Hollywood has given us some great escapes already this year — some scary, some super.

It’s been an interesting first six months of the year on the big screen: The young Han Solo “Star Wars” film disappointed at the box office — and did a little more money than “A Quiet Place,” a creepy little treat directed by Jim from “The Office.” Deadpool and the Incredibles returned, “Fifty Shades” (thankfully) said goodbye and Steven Spielberg made a tribute to, well, himself. But then again, The Rock faced off with a genetically mutated and monstrous gorilla, crocodile and wolf, so that’s pretty normal.

The second half of the year already looks strong with Oscar-ready fare like “First Man” and “A Star Is Born” — not to mention the long-awaited reappearance of Mary Poppins — but here are the best movies so far (through June):

Is it a dramatic brotherly journey or a freaky-deaky supernatural feature? Well, the indie sci-fi flick starring and directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead is an insightful combo of both as it follows two brothers who, not feeling they’re on the right path in their lives, end up returning to the UFO death cult they escaped 10 years earlier. The situation gets crazy for them as they learn the group’s true nature, but “The Endless” is just as effective as a sincere family tale as a horror one.


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