Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced A New Album Is Coming Soon After She Posts Cryptic Instagrams

This is not a drill! Taylor Swift’s fans are entirely convinced the singer has some new tunes on the way. The singer’s most dedicated followers are always the first to clue in to any subtle hints she drops about potential new music. Now, they think they’ve figured out that her next record is on the roadmap. It all happened after Tay took to Instagram with several new photos. The 29-year-old “Delicate” singer first shared a mysterious snapshot of what appeared to be the Los Angeles skyline. While that wouldn’t be entirely out of the ordinary, Tay added some heavy-duty filters to the post which is so unlike her! Then, she topped her pic off with exactly seven palm trees for the caption. The singer’s next album is slated to be her seventh, so fans took this as a sign! Later that day, the star shared yet another post to the gram, showing off her chic Oscars party look. However, the pop star was seen sitting on the seventh step of her stairs and that was enough for fans to go berserk! “Album 7 is coming??? Who’s excited with me???” one fan instantly wrote on Twitter.

“There are 7 palm trees! Is this a clue that her new album is coming soon?!?!?” another Tweet read. The speculation continued through the night, and Taylor’s Swifties completely jumped to conclusions! “Taylor Swift thinks she’s slick.. but I know she’s getting ready for album #7,” yet another wrote. However, some knew that the fan theory may be a far stretch. “I swear @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 are taking full advantage of the fact we will over analyse everything and are now just playing around pointing to 7 at every opportunity possible,” one person wrote.


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