Star Wars Responds To Brie Larson’s Desire To Be A Jedi

Brie Larson is about to debut as Captain Marvel and it sounds like the actress has got major outer space fever. In a cover story for EW, Larson said she wanted to be a Jedi after she got to hold Samuel L. Jackson’s lightsaber prop from the Star Warsprequels. It didn’t take long for the official Star Wars Twitter to throw in the final judgement, writing that the Force was inside her all along.

One of the benefits of filming a movie with Samuel L. Jackson is that he might let you play with one of his toys. The actor stars alongside Brie Larson in Captain Marvel as a younger version of Nick Fury, but Fury is only one of Jackson’s iconic characters. He also played Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels, and he got to keep Windu’s special lightsaber hilt.

In honor of May the Fourth, the official Stars Wars holiday, Samuel L. Jackson brought the lightsaber hilt to the Captain Marvel set and Brie Larson got to hold it. It’s especially cool because the hilt is inscribed with “BMF,” which stands for badass motherfucker, a reference to another classic Jackson film, Pulp Fiction.