‘Shark Tank’: A pink tutu, back talk and a modest way to shower in public

Are they better than plastic bags? A 'Shark Tank' shower-modesty product faces the test on ABC's reality show.

“Shark Tank” returned from a monthlong break with new guest shark Alli Webb of Drybar fame and an entrepreneur who’s not afraid to put the sharks in their place.

Kressa Peterson and her family certainly knew how to make an entrance. Her husband, wearing a bright pink tutu and wings, danced toward the sharks like either a deranged tooth fairy. He’s The Dirty Fairy, there to help show off her product by slinging mud and sand onto their two children.

The Petersons are obstacle-course junkies. After getting all muddy, they realized the sad reality of trying to rinse off in public: “It’s not private, and you cannot get clean with your workout clothes on,” Kressa Peterson said. That’s where the Shower Toga comes handy. The silver cloth hangs over the body, allowing users to strip and wash off while keeping their modesty in check. It even converts into a duffel bag to carry dirty clothes.

Peterson came up with the idea after she developed breast cancer, as a way focus her overwhelmed brain.

Peterson quit her job as a broker of horses, rented out their house, and bought a trailer to take the product across the country. truck. The Shower Toga costs $2.85 to make, but are sold for $34.99 at retail and $16 wholesale, a profit margin that shark Robert Herjavec loved.