Savannah Chrisley says she’ll undergo a third surgery to treat endometriosis

Savannah Chrisley has revealed that her battle with endometriosis isn’t over yet.

The reality star, 23, announced on Instagram on Monday that she’s going under the knife for the third time to treat the condition.

According to Mayo Clinic, endometriosis is when “tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside” of the uterus “grows outside” of the organ.

In the post’s photo, Chrisley sat in a car and held up an envelope, presumably filled with information about her condition and surgery.

“VULNERABLE MOMENT FOR MY LADIES: I haven’t talked about this much because honestly…I have struggled BIG TIME,” she began in the caption. “I’m insanely self conscious [sic.] and just feel like my body has given up on me. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was 18 and it’s been quite the struggle.”

Chrisley shared that the pain from the condition, an almost universal symptom, can be “unbearable” and that it can weigh on her “emotional/psychological health.”

“Tomorrow I have my 3rd surgery,” she announced. “I have found a specialist in Atlanta and he is ONE OF A KIND!”

Chrisley said she planned to create a vlog about her experience and asked fans to share their own struggles with the condition.

The star concluded: “Let’s help and inspire one another.”

Chrisley’s father Todd, star of “Chrisley Knows Best,” commented on the post to praise his daughter.

“You continue to make us so proud, we are right beside you always,” he wrote. “You’ve got this, God is [in] control and you know where you stand with him so it’s already taken care of.”

The comments section was also full of women thanking Chrisley for her post, stating that they were struggling with endometriosis as well.

Said one follower: “I struggled with it for 10 years. I had two surgeries, three years apart and my last one in August of last year resulted in a full hysterectomy at 38yrs old. It is definitely a hard thing to deal with. The only time I didn’t suffer is when I was pregnant and after the hysterectomy. Hang in there!”

According to, one in 10 people with a uterus experience the condition “during their reproductive years.”

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