Pink Yells ‘S***’ As She Forgets The Lyrics To Her Song ‘Who Knew’ In Concert

It happens to the best of them. Pink forgot the lyrics to her 2006 hit ‘Who Knew’ while performing in concert in NYC. She yelled ‘s**t’ and fans love her all the more for being real.

When you have a catalog of hits as big as Pink does, there’s going to be a point when you forget a lyric or two. That went down during her big Madison Square Garden gig on April 4, as she sang her 2006 rocker “Who Knew” and when she got to the second verse she completely drew a blank. The 37-year-old yelled out to the crowd “I forgot the words. S—!” She then admitted, “I forgot the words. So what?” and headed straight back to the chorus. Hah! She’s only human. Her fans rallied to her side tweeting about it with one writing: “Love @Pink forgot Who Knew words #Human #loveher #forgiven.” She has another show in NYC tomorrow night for her Beautiful Trauma tour so she has a chance to look up the lyrics for next time.

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