Oscar Isaac Says Star Wars: Episode IX Will Blow Fans Away

The absence of news, a trailer or even a title, combined with the current focus on this year’s superhero films, means that we are in a bit of a lull as far as Star Wars: Episode IX hype is concerned. Fear not, though, because J.J. Abrams’ film is coming and the hype training is coming along with it. To get that train rolling, Poe Dameron actor Oscar Isaac has spoken about the production and what fans can expect. He said:

Wow, way to keep the expectations manageable, Oscar. You would naturally expect an actor to speak well of a project that they are involved with, but there is a difference between saying “I think fans are really going to like it” and saying that people are going to be “blown away.” That’s a much stronger pitch and definitely adds to the hype and the hope that Star War: Episode IX will deliver in spectacular fashion.