Kara Connolly Fights To Find Her Independence With Powerful New Track ‘Let Me Go’ — Listen

A brand new song, ‘Let Me Go,’ from Kara Connolly is here, and HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE first listen!

Ahead of the release of her upcoming LP, Life in Rear View, Kara Connolly is debuting a brand new single, “Let Me Go,” EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. On the powerful track, she sings about wanting to find her independence. “I want to hear my heart break, make my mistakes, choose what to believe in my own way,” Kara sings in the chorus. “I know it hurts to watch me moving on, but you gotta trust that I’m not too far gone, let me go.” Kara told us that the decision to choose “Let Me Go” as her next single was her way of keeping fans “on their toes and surprised by [her] sound.”

“I tend to write about direct, personal experiences, but “Let Me Go” was actually inspired by a friend whose parents were not accepting of who he is and were resisting allowing him to grow in to the person he wanted to be,” Kara explained. “It goes out to anyone who feels the need to break free of a habit, pattern, or person holding them back, anyone in need of a little self-love — flaws and all — and anyone who feels the pull to forge their own path, despite adversity. You are allowed to believe in what you believe (or not believe in what you don’t), to love who you love, to pursue what ever dream it is you want to pursue, and to, most of all, not feel sorry about it.”

Kara found her passion for music by singing in a cruise ship talent show when she was just six years old, which led her to eventually begin writing her own music. “I feel very called to empower and connect with the next generation of young women and hopefully inspire them to acknowledge their own worth and not put up with the kind of treatment that my generation and those of the past have experienced,” she’s previously said. “I believe in the power of music to inspire and I hope that, through humor and heart, my songs can provide a new perspective for both women and men.”

Kara’s upcoming LP, Life in Rear View, is due out on May 17, and also features the songs “Other People,” “Nice Guy,” and “Life In Rear View,” amongst others.

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