Jared Leto Reveals First Look At Sony’s Morbius Movie

Last October, Venom kicked off Sony Pictures’ own shared Marvel universe, and Morbius will keep the ball rolling next year. Morbius the Living Vampire’s cinematic adventure was announced back in November 2017, and now principal photography has finally begun, with Jared Leto playing the blood-sucking Marvel character. To commemorate finishing the first week of shooting, Leto has shared the first official look at Morbius, which you can gaze at below.

Ah, the old ‘strategically-placed clapperboard’ trick. While we can’t make out Jared Leto’s full Morbius look in this Twitter picture, his eyes seem to have a sickly quality to them. Assuming that Michael Morbius will look more monstrous as a vampire like his comic book counterpart does, then I’m guessing this particular scene takes place when Michael is still fully human and suffering from a blood disease or whatever his ailment in the upcoming movie is. It’s logical to assume that this guy won’t be running any marathons in his current condition. In any case, since there’s still a lot of time to go until Morbius wraps up principal photography, maybe we’ll be treated to an official, unobscured look at Leto vampire-ed up before the cameras finish rolling.