James Bond to go eco-friendly with a special edition electric Aston Martin in next film ‘Bond 25’

The upcoming James Bond film ‘Bond 25’ will show the beloved spy in a new role. This is not a leaked story but we know that the titular character will go eco-friendly as he gets to drive a supposed electric Aston Martin car.

This will be the first time when Bond will do this as he has previously in all of his movies chosen the ultra luxurious rides, changing gears between a helicopter, yacht or private jets. Even his cars for that matter are fuel-driven ones.

If reports are to be believed, Bond could be seen driving a limited-edition Aston Martin Rapide E, one of 155 electric cars being built by the British car manufacturer. It reportedly costs £250,000.

The initiative is said to have been taken up by current director Cary Joji Fukunaga, who is directing ‘Bond 25’. He replaced Danny Boyle who dropped out of the project after some rift that surfaced before.

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