Is Detective Pikachu Trying To Take The Franchise In A More Adult Direction?

A new trailer is out for Detective Pikachu, and for those that haven’t seen it, it’s loaded with lots of new footage that makes it worth the watch. It also features a scene that, while not necessarily controversial, has been jarring to those who’ve seen it. Towards the end of the trailer, Pikachu is looking like he won’t be able to defend himself against an angry Charizard. Alarmed, he instructs Tim to “get him the hell out” of there.

A Pikachu, which is affiliated with the family gaming company Nintendo, just swore in a trailer for a major motion picture. Sure, it’s no f-bomb, but considering the character typically hangs out on a console that shies away from nearly all forms of vulgarity, it was quite a thing to hear. This, paired with other things that emerged in the trailer has me asking, is Detective Pikachu trying to take the Pokemon franchise in a more adult direction?

It sure feels that way, and while the word “hell” alone isn’t enough to start speculating whether or not this film is headed for a PG-13 rating, there does seem to be some catering towards a more adult audience. Especially when looking at the amount of Pokemon from the early games and the overall gritty look of the creatures. It isn’t uninviting to children, but the overall tone does give the vibe it isn’t exclusively for kids.

At least, this is when compared to other Pokemon big screen features, like the first movie. That one kicked off with a short film that had all the Pokemon speaking as they usually do (by saying their names) with subtitles. Even the main film itself was fairly safe in terms of content, and while it was personally emotionally devastating for me to see Ash Ketchum turned to stone, I don’t recall my father having the same reaction.


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