‘Game of Thrones’ music composer Ramin Djawadi is still to finish work on the final score

With ‘Game of Thrones’ almost round the corner as the final season returns this April, there’s only one thing that all fans of the series want to know — who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Among the only few who know the actual outcome is obviously the music composer of the show, Ramin Djawadi. Having been making music for the show since the first season, his music has also, like the show, progressing with time.

The German-Iranian composer, speaking in his studio in Santa Monica said, “I just locked myself in a room and just watched it. I watched it by myself and was just floored at what’s happening and the storytelling, I thought, was unbelievable. I think it’s absolutely amazing and epic.”

Now in its eighth season, the show has really hooked the audience for a long time. Ramin describes how it was to make music for the show as he shows the cello that was used to anchor the show. He said, “Because there’s a lot of characters coming together now and you have choices, you have thematic choices, you have musical choices and there are definitely cases where I’ll write something and then I have to take a step back and go ‘Should I actually write something else because this is this scene? Should I do something else?’ so it’s been hard for me just making a decision because once I’ve made that decision I have to move on onto something else and that’s it. It’s final. It’s the final season.”

On him getting separated from the show and its characters, so as to write the music, he said, “I feel like because I’m so into the characters, I write from my heart because that’s how I really feel at that moment and it gets quite emotional for me,” he said, adding “Sometimes I do have to take a step away and take a moment and work on something else that’s not so emotionally heavy and then come back to it.”

Ramin has not even allowed his wife to access the studio as he understands that all of it needs to remain a secret. He is still to make the final score and said, “I’m still tinkering because I think I can’t let go because I know once I do let go, then that’s it for me,” he said. “I just love the show so much, I love all the people involved with it so much and it’s hard. I think it will be very hard for me to say goodbye to these themes and to the show and the music and how exactly I feel when I do I just don’t know yet. I’m trying to slow down time so the time doesn’t come yet.”

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In an earlier interview, he said that the final score will be “more epic than ever”. 

The final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ begins on April 14.

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