X-Men franchise is in Disney’s hands following the studio’s impending acquisition of Fox – and that means all pending X-movies in development are on the backburner, according to X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner.

Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour panel for FX’s Legion, Donner confirmed that the future of Channing Tatum’s Gambit and the rumored X-Force and Kitty Pryde movies are now dependent on Disney, and won’t move forward until the studio says so.

Speaking of the possibility of Gambit’s development moving forward any time soon, Donner said, “That is up to Disney, that is really up to Disney. I hope so, but that’s up to them. The problem is, you cannot have too many Marvel X-Men superhero movies out there, otherwise we will cancel each other out. Each one has to be distinctive and yet you’ve got the Avengers to follow through, you’ve got so many distinctive story canons to follow through and yet you want new ones. But I don’t think you can have more than four – four is a lot, cause people are gonna get sick of them, so we have to be careful. He has to be careful, Kevin.”

When asked about the status of X-Force and Brian Michael Bendis’ rumored Kitty Pryde films, Donner reiterated, “This is all now in Disney’s playground and they get to decide,” she said. “At least we know it’s in good hands, everybody’s worked really hard up til now on our Fox side, but now it’s gonna be Disney’s call.”

Donner admitted that she hasn’t been as involved in the X-Men movie universe since Deadpool’s release, but trusts in the vision of Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige to guide the characters forward. “I haven’t really been hands-on in terms of Apocalypse and New Mutants and Dark Phoenix. Kevin and I started the first one, he worked for me; he’s got a great story sense, he’s got a great ability to weave each world and weave those worlds together. I trust him and I trust that he will take care of the X-Men.”


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