Feel Good Friday: 6 Uplifting Stories to Head Into the Weekend With

We’re back with another round-up of stories for Feel Good Friday, with this week’s offerings ready to bring lift your spirits as we head into the weekend…and one might just motivate you to get your 10,000 steps in.

In one heartwarming story, a 100-year-old veteran is raising funds for charity with every step he takes, receiving the support of hundreds of thousands of people along his journey.

Meanwhile, get ready to hug your pet a little closer when you learn about the Johnson family’s reunion with their beloved dog after a natural disaster separated them.

Plus, we have the crazy true story of neighbors discovering they were related and we’re handing out the award for best brother of the year super-early. You’ll definitely understand why when you see what this guy created for his sister’s birthday; you could say it’s what fairy tales are made of.

Here are six stories that will hopefully bring a smile to your face as we head into the weekend. Take what you need!

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