Dolly Parton debuts quarantine-inspired song ‘When Life is Good Again’

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She may be stuck at home, but Dolly Parton is still making music.

The country icon has churned out a new song, “When Life is Good Again,” inspired by the lessons learned during the coronavirus quarantine.

The song, released exclusively throughout Entertainment Weekly, touches on themes of compassion, thoughtfulness and living in the moment — all habits Parton, 74, pledges to hold up after the pandemic ends.

“When life is good again / I’ll be a better friend / A bigger person when / Life is good again / More thoughtful than I’ve been / I’ll be so different then / More in the moment when / Life is good again,” sings Parton.

“I’ll open up my heart / And let the whole world in / I’ll try to make amends / When life is good again.”

The anthem also mention’s Parton’s strong faith, praising God and promising to pray and “repent for” her sins.

The song ends with a promise from the artist that “it’s gonna be good again” before she sings about all the things she plans to do, which includes walking in the park, drinking with old friends, flying a kite and more.

“God’s the reason for all things / You want rainbows, you get rain / We’ll all be forever changed / I’ll sail my boat and fly my kite / Walk in the park, go out at night / And hold my loved ones extra tight / When everything is on the mend / I’ll even drink with my old friends / Sing and play my mandolin / We’ll make it through this long dark night / Darkness fades when faced with light / And everything’s gonna be alright / When life is good again,” she concludes.

Parton has been very active during the global coronavirus crisis, having started a web series in which she read bedtime stories to children.

In April, Parton also pledged a million-dollar donation to Vanderbilt University’s research toward coronavirus.

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