Dog harness draws howls of laughter, but will it get a deal?

One pitch on Sunday’s double episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank” has great entertainment value, but whether it has financial value for the show’s sharks remains to be seen.

In a clip exclusively at USA TODAY, entrepreneurs Carolyn Shewfelt and Juls Bindi of ZuGoPet have the sharks almost rolling on the floor with laughter from their proposal for an animal travel restraint, but viewers will have to wait until Sunday (9 EST/PST) to see if the pair get the $100,000 investment they are seeking.

Shewfelt and Bindi start their proposal off on a smart note, as they hold cute little dogs — or, as they call them, “spokespooches” — in their arms. Awww!

“We are revolutionizing the way pets travel,” Shewfelt says.

Quizzical looks from the sharks begin as a video shows dogs — stuffed toy dogs, that is — flying out of restraining devices during travel turbulence.

“Thank goodness those are fake dogs,” Bindi says.


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