Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Isn’t A Fan Of The Wolverine Casting Rumors

Sooner or later there will be a new Wolverine. That much is certain now that Hugh Jackman is done and the X-Men are almost assuredly bound for the MCU. Who will play Logan next is sure to be a point of rampant speculation and civil internet discussion, with everyone having their own opinion on the matter. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld for one won’t be happy if the recent rumors about the next Wolverine wind up being true. Take a look.

Well, consider Rob Liefeld not a fan of the whole Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe as the new Wolverine idea. In fact, he seems like he’d prefer to cast Avada Kedavra on the whole thing and then obliviate himself to forget he ever heard it. He doesn’t like the idea of Zac Efron in the role either, even if he has the muscles for it.

Rob Liefeld instead seems to prefer an unknown be cast as the next Wolverine, as was the case when Hugh Jackman took on the role. Hugh Jackman’s credits were quite limited prior to his casting in 2000’s X-Men and he was an unknown to most audiences. He still faced backlash for not looking the part, but we all saw how he became Wolverine.

In his tweet, Rob Liefeld inadvertently touches on something that any name actor will face when taking on the role of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman faced an uphill battle to win over fickle comic book fans who knew that Wolverine is 5’3”, not 6’1”, but he didn’t have any established image in audiences’ head either. Daniel Radcliffe is already primarily known for one massive franchise and that’s probably how Rob Liefeld sees him.


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