Could This Is Us Have Big Trouble Ahead For Kate And Toby?

This Is Us doesn’t have many episodes left to go before its Season 3 finale arrives. Things are getting progressively crazier for the Pearson clan, and it looks like a rough turn may be approaching for Kate and Toby. The most recent promo for Episode 14, “The Graduates,” shows Kate being rushed into an emergency room on a stretcher, all while Toby screams her name as he follows behind her with Kevin. Take a look at the not-so-optimistic trailer below.

So what’s happening with Kate here? She arrived at the hospital via an ambulance, and whatever it was seemed to take place when she was with Kevin. Toby is seen hanging out in the waiting room, but then quickly follows the stretcher before it cuts to Kate with a worried look on her face. Kevin and Toby look equally worried, so is something wrong with the baby?

It’s hard to say, as pregnant women may face random hospital trips, with some just precautionary in nature while others are for more serious reasons. Perhaps Kate found out Kevin fell off the wagon, and her anger and stress caused her to have some issues? If so, this could be a case of “no lasting harm, no lasting foul” in Kate’s book, but it’s hard to say how Toby will react to the situation. He might have trouble giving Kate’s twin brother a pass in this instance.

There’s also a case there could be something more tragic happening here, as doctors have previously told Kate that her weight, combined with past issues with pregnancy, already made this a risky endeavor. Sadly, this hospital trip could result in her losing yet another child. Could This Is Us cruelly dash Kate and Toby’s hopes for a child yet again?


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