Celebs react to completed Robert Mueller report: ‘The wheel of justice has many spokes’

Following news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his long-awaited report on the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race and possible collusion with Trump associates to Attorney General Bill Barr, celebrities flooded Twitter with their opinions about the report.

“Star Trek” star George Takei wrote: “No matter what Mueller’s report contains, we already know three things: Trump surrounded himself with felons, he obstructed justice on behalf of those felons, and he faces multiple federal and state investigations for other criminal activity. The wheel of justice has many spokes.”

While “Charmed” alum Alyssa Milano said she wants Mueller’s report to be made public. As of now, it’s confidential.

Tweeted comedian Billy Eichner: “At this point I would not be surprised if the Mueller report ends with “oh and Eva Longoria did Watergate. Thank you.”

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