Cannes Film Festival Dispatch: Living it Up with Liv Lo

The last we spoke, we found out that the alluring celebrity fitness and lifestyle guru Liv Lo was at the cusp of launching her signature brand of fitness programmes during the cover shoot of E! Online Asia’s inaugural issue.

Today, with the success of FitSphere, we discover an even more radiant Liv in Cannes — in the warm embrace of romantic bliss — as she prepares to go on a whirlwind European trip with her husband right after the amfAR Gala.

And along with these never before seen pictures, we take a rarefied peek into Lo’s fairy tale life and find out what it is like to have what American GQ calls “The Next Leading Man of Hollywood” to tend to your locks!

The last we spoke, you mentioned that you would be doing a lot of travelling this year; taking your brand global, and reaching new audiences. Where has work taken you?

Working with global brands and making my workout brand FitSphere digital has been key to opening up to the world. Putting in the hard work is paying off by bringing suitable opportunities while giving me more time to spend side-by-side with Henry [Golding]. And it’s been so crazy! I would never have guessed that I would be able to work and travel so gracefully, but it’s been a natural progression, for which I am so so grateful!

Did it ever occur to you that you’d be going to Cannes?

I knew Cannes is one of the greatest film festivals to visit, but I didn’t think it would be so soon! Henry and I have been supporting amfAR for awhile now and their Gala is the biggest worldwide for sure! I am so delighted to be able to support millions of those who are living with HIV AIDS and contribute to finding a cure in our lifetime. It’s totally possible!

Is this your first time walking the red carpet in Cannes? How did you find out? And what was going through your head? Contextualise it for us please!

It is not my first time to Cannes but it was my first time to walk the carpet. You never quite know how crazy or calm these things will be. Photographers are literally screaming your name and you are captured at every moment — awkward or not. The performances were so fun with Chris Tucker, Tom Jones, and Mariah Carey throughput the night. Henry auctioned an Andy Warhol art piece so we had real purpose to being there. The party went until two in the morning, and we were so beat in the end but had such a great time!

Let’s rewind to 24 hours before the Gala. How nervous were you?

I don’t really get nervous at these things because it’s really just fun for Henry and I to work and spend time together. We have become a team and work together to arrange travel and our looks.

Did you have your wardrobe sorted already? Any wardrobe crises?

We have worked with Ralph Lauren for many years and had chosen two options for the amfAR Gala. I had actually tried the green dress with the cape for the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party earlier this year, but ended up with a completely different silhouette and had a dress handmade specially for that occasion. For amfAR, the guests typically love to go with a lot of bling. We are on a two-month trip and so bringing a whole bedazzling kit across the globe was a bit risqué, so I chose a material that really shone, and a cut that was glamorous yet elegant. I paired it with baroque pearls and 18K gold jewellery from Pacharee. The natural pearl shone brilliantly and so naturally!

How did you prepare for it?

Before an event I always do a FitSphere Red Carpet Workout to give me confidence and keep me calm. It was a great day in Cannes, so I took my 20-minute workout outdoors in the sun to get some colour, sweating it out for a great glow, and lifted light fit spheres to tone up at the same time. FitSphere is quick, easy, adaptable and never fails to give those feel good chemicals to the brain and body while boosting energy for the day/night ahead!

Now, fast forward to 12 hours before the Gala. How long did it take for you get ready?

After the workout I took a quick shower, put on a teeth whitening strip and face mask while steaming my dress. Believe it or not, I prefer “less frills” treatment as hiring a glam team takes more time and effort to prepare. I am also lucky to be married to an ex-hairstylist who can give me the perfect blow out! I chose to slick back my hair to go with the toga, and show off the lustre of the pearls.

What was your last meal before walking the red carpet?

For lunch I had a smoked salmon salad! Sounds like a diet but I really enjoy eating salad for lunch as it’s usually the only opportunity to get my veggies in.

And then, follow up question, what was the first meal you had after the gala?

French breakfast of buttered baguette, double espresso, and fruits!

Where else are you going?

We head to Monaco for the Grand Prix with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, then to the Amalfi Coast for some respite, NYC, Shanghai for another film festival, and finally LA for a few weeks. I think I may have to travel to HK from there for Fox Movies and a Nat Geo production. So life’s good!

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