‘Breakthrough’ review: Chrissy Metz drama can’t be saved

The new Christian drama “Breakthrough” is blessed with a tremendous true story. In 2015, a St. Louis teen fell through an icy lake, remained underwater for a deadly 15 minutes and was deemed a lost cause, but ultimately came through unscathed.

It’s a harrowing tale that deserves a much better movie than this insipid junk.

When the boy, John, gets to the hospital, he has no pulse and is not breathing. His extremely religious mother, Joyce (Chrissy Metz), prays through tears over his limp body, “Holy spirit . . . breathe life into my son!” And, would you know it, it works.

The rest of the movie follows the efforts of Joyce, her husband Brian (Josh Lucas) and their hip pastor (Topher Grace) to help John recover from his accident.

It’s OK that the movie concludes that John was saved by a miracle from God, but the actors practically wink up to the sky every time something good happens. No complexity.

It’s a very serious, heartfelt story told with the corniest execution imaginable.

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