‘Bewitched’ star Erin Murphy reveals how quarantine has kept her busy at home

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Former child star Erin Murphy isn’t letting quarantine slow her down.

The actress, who famously played Tabitha in the hit ‘60s series “Bewitched,” has been a doting mom to her six children while practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve been cooking, cleaning and homeschooling,” the 55-year-old told Fox News. “We have been playing a lot of board games. Rummikub and A to Z are my current favorites plus enjoying regular Zoom virtual dinner parties with my pals.”

“I am enjoying some of the online workout classes and I am getting outside to walk the dog,” she continued. “It is also fun to turn up the music and have a dance party. [But] I love to cook, so I have been creating dishes made out of things from my freezer and pantry.”

Murphy shared that her children have inspired her to take on some new fun activities while indoors.

“I dusted off the old Wii play system and I’ve been playing Wii Sports Resort,” she shared.

Murphy is also enjoying plenty of me-time when she’s not up on her feet.

“I’ve been binge-watching some great shows that I missed when they came out, like ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘OZ’ and ‘Orange Is the New Black,’” said Murphy.

The star noted that there are simple things one can do while isolated every morning to feel more motivated to take on each day, especially when they all feel the same.

“One thing I do every day is make my bed, brush my hair and teeth, put on a little makeup and get dressed,” she said. “I also make sure to get a little fresh air and sunshine every day.”

While it can be challenging for even the most optimistic among us to stay positive, Murphy said focusing on the positive at home with her family has helped her cope with the devastating news concerning the COVID-19 crisis.

“I am eternally optimistic,” she admitted. “I read the news every day, but I don’t obsess over it and I definitely don’t think about worst-case scenarios. I am more focused on figuring out ways to make sure friends, family and neighbors are safe and have everything they need and that the kids are happy, healthy and having fun.”’

“This is just a moment in our lives,” she added. “As humans, we are designed to adapt. Be kind, compassionate and safe. Things will be different after this, but we will be OK.”

Back in 2017, Murphy told Fox News she developed loving relationships with her “Bewitched” castmates.

“[Elizabeth Montgomery] really was like a mom to me,” she explained at the time. “I definitely think of her more like a family member than a co-worker. And I think it’s because when I was on set, it was just me. My parents weren’t standing there next to me [while I was working]. So I looked up to her as family, as a parent almost. We were friends outside of the set and she had three children around my age, so we grew up together. So it was a close relationship for sure.”

Still, Agnes Moorehead, who played Endora in the series, was “probably my favorite.”

“I had a really, really wonderful and close relationship with her,” said Murphy. “I didn’t have grandparents who lived in California. My grandparents were far away. But she was like my grandma and I saw her every day. She didn’t have grandchildren, so she called me her granddaughter. I called her grandmama when we weren’t filming. She was amazing.”

As for her own character, Murphy is thrilled fans still remember her as Tabitha.

“I think any moment that someone comes up to you just to say they liked you on a TV show, that’s flattering!” she said. “I think it’s very kind and I’m very open to posing for pictures, meeting fans and answering questions about ‘Bewitched.’ I’m thankful that people appreciate what I did. I think it’s awesome.”

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