Ayesha Curry shares secrets to her 35-pound weight loss during quarantine

Ayesha Curry shared the secrets to her 35-pound weight loss in a new interview.

Curry, 31, first revealed her major slimdown in March and later revealed she’s partnered with the FitBit app to stay on track during quarantine.

“Being healthy isn’t just about what you do in the gym or in the kitchen, it’s about the in-between too and how it all fits together,” the “Full Plate” author told Yahoo! Canada Lifestyle on Sunday.

Curry’s secrets to weight loss included diet, exercise, sleep, heavy water consumption and making sure her family adopts a healthy lifestyle together.

“Fitbit Premium has come in handy through quarantine,” she said. “It was great while I was traveling and out of my routine — I was able to tap into the vast library workout content anytime, anywhere so I didn’t fall off track. It’s a great resource for at-home and on-the-go workouts.”

To start off her day, Curry revealed she “starts with a coffee with Ghee and coconut oil blended” and tries to drink “32 ounces of water before noon and flavor it with cucumbers and lemon.”

The “Family Food Fight” star then revealed her fitness routine, which is quarantine-friendly for people who don’t have access to a gym.

“Get yourself some simple equipment, such as two and three-pound weights; resistance bands; a good, cushy mat; and a bench or chair. I’m very into bodyweight, so I don’t need much, equipment-wise,” Curry told the outlet.

The mom-of-three also said getting her NBA star husband, Stephen Curry, and their children, Riley, 8, Ryan, 4, and Canon, 2, involved in fitness was beneficial for her weight-loss journey.

“Stephen and I have been riding bikes outside together which has been really nice, or try and time our workouts together,” she said. “It’s kind of like summer camp with Stephen and I both home. So we try and keep the kids active.”

As far as diet goes, the Sweet July magazine founder said her family is a “green veggies family.”

“We love Brussels [sprouts], asparagus and broccoli,” Curry said. “I like to roast them on high heat to give everything a nice char and enhance the flavor of the veg. There’s nothing I love more than a one-pot/one sheet pan dinner, so most nights I’ll season up a protein and roast it alongside the vegetables.”

The restaurateur’s final step to her day is a healthy sleep schedule.

“I’d never realized how much sleep impacts everything else, but what I’ve learned from my Fitbit sleep data is that I don’t get enough of it, so that’s the next thing I’ll be working on,” Curry said.

She added: “It’s connected to so much of our overall health and is so important.”

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