‘Avengers: Endgame’ review : The greatest reunion of superheroes ever

For fans across the world, it’s a special day as Marvel brings to us ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – the grand finale of 22 films that MCU has presented in the past decade.

Most fans across the world were left stunned by the way ‘Infinity War’ had ended – in the most shocking way as half of the superheroes combusted to dust. In ‘Endgame’ it is up to the surviving superheroes to get back their colleagues and end Thanos’ rule once and for all.

‘Endgame’ wastes no time and picks up from where ‘Infinity War’ ended. The first half has got a lot of reunions planned and the Russo brothers literally connect all 22 past films in the most beautiful way.

Tony Stark and Nebula are stuck in space as the film opens and the rest of the survivors- Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Rocket are grappling on Earth with the loss of their near and dear ones- and well, half of the population of the earth. It is only when new members- Ant-Man and Captain Marvel arrive at the Avengers headquarters does the action begin. Five years since Thanos destroyed the universe with a single snap, the heroes come together to go back in time to save the future.

A lot, of course, has changed over a period of five years. Families have grown for some, while for the rest, the failure has not gone down well. While a few of them are convinced to get back what was lost, there are others who are unsure of their own and other’s capabilities. So it is not just a battle against time but within themselves to believe in the impossible and fight back for their loved ones.

The first half of the film takes a long time to establish, which is natural- considering the film is the final act in MCU and has to take into account 22 previous films and their relevant characters from it. The narrative is non-linear, where the superheroes travel back and forth in time to get things right.Even though the pace may appear slow in the first hour, the real action closer to climax totally makes up for all the emotional scenes.

Expect the unexpected- at least in the beginning. The film eventually runs a predictable course and there are plenty of scenes and dialogues that are tailor-made to get loud cheers in the theatres but ‘Endgame’ still lives up to all the hype. It moves you, it makes you emotional about your favourite superheroes, makes you root for them and takes you down the memory lane for a fitting finale that gives a perfect ending to a glorious era.

Divulging more about the plot would give out major spoilers but let’s just say with ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Marvel along with the Russo Brothers organises the greatest reunion that the world has ever seen on the big screen.

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