Arrow Just Featured A Big Exit, And Some Fans Are Pissed

Arrow literally just said goodbye to a character not that long ago, and now it seems The CW series just said goodbye to another one. Granted, we’re not 100% sure the superhero show killed off the character, but the scene in question really makes it hard to think otherwise and there are some fans not at all happy about it. Here’s what happened to Kirk Acevedo’s Ricardo Diaz, and the reactions from those none too happy about it.

It all began with Lyla and Diggle pulling the trigger on The Ghost Initiative all in an effort to bring in Dante. Eventually, the two decided to go in solo with just Diaz in a mission that went sideways when the villain shorted out his device and informed Dante it was all a trap. Diaz then tried to make an escape, but Felicity held him at gunpoint just long enough for John to knock him out.

The Ghost Initiative was suspended, and Diaz was sent back to Slabside for his attempt to escape. The villain was last seen chilling in his cell when he spotted a familiar face staring at him. Arrow fans didn’t get to see who, but they did see the room doused in liquid from a overhead fire sprinkler. It was gasoline, and when the mysterious figure tossed a lighter into the cell it and Diaz burst into flames.