Anna Paquin Has Never Seen X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC live-action universe were battling for box office supremacy, Bryan Singer’s 2000 hit X-Men broke new ground by proving the genre could be both profitable and popular. The X-Men property is still going strong today, with fans looking forward to the upcoming release of Dark Phoenix. The First Class and original trilogy collided with the ambitious X-Men: Days of Future Past, combining both casts of characters into one massive blockbuster.

Days of Future Past arrived in theaters back in 2014, and was a multi-tiered story that took place in both a dystopian future and 1973. While X-Men fans were happy to see so many familiar faces in one movie, one major mutant got left on the cutting room floor: Anna Paquin’s Rogue. While she eventually got her scenes restored in the home video Rogue Cut, it turns out that Paquin has never seen the movie– either version. As she recently revealed:

Despite being an OG member of the X-Men franchise, it looks like Anna Paquin hasn’t seen her most recent appearance, and the finale to her trilogy’s story. But she’s got a good excuse, as she was still a new mother when Days of Future Pastarrived in theaters.