8 Villains The Batman Should Use For Its Rogues Gallery

Ben Affleck may be out as Batman, but Matt Reeves’ The Batman is still happening. Reeves recently revealed his vision for the project, and promised DC fans it will be an adventure unlike any audiences have seen before. Specifically, the director is hoping to make a noir-style feature that will show the Dark Knight utilizing a skill he doesn’t often fully utilize on the big screen: his detective skills.

Reeves is also planning on featuring a number of antagonists, a.k.a. a Rogues Gallery, with Batman potentially running into a slew of villains before this adventure is over. With those parameters in mind, we’ve crafted a list of eight villains that would be great for such a story, and are capable of cooking up a mystery that would put The Dark Knight’s detective skills to the test.


Hush is not only a villain that has yet to debut in a live-action Batman film, he’s also incredibly resourceful. He’s especially good at collaborating with the other villains of Gotham City, or at least manipulating them into doing the things he wants. He’ll do whatever it takes to exact vengeance on Bruce Wayne, even if that means deceiving some foes that would make for powerful enemies in the future.

Hush has been a favorite villain the Batman fanbase has frequently wished to see on the big screen, and introducing him in The Batman could neatly lay out his origin. If the mystery was based around his actual identity, then Batman could slowly discover the person pulling the strings was none other than his former childhood friend, Tommy Elliott. The reveal wouldn’t be all that shocking for audiences up on comic lore, but might rock The Dark Knight’s world.


One of Batman’s most iconic villains, Penguin is a character that has popped up frequently on both television and video games over the years. At the same time, though, it’s been over twenty years since the silver screen saw Danny DeVito portray the villain with a performance in Batman Returns that, while good, could be better with a different interpretation. All I’m asking for is the next Oswald Cobblepot doesn’t command an army of penguins to blow people’s erogenous zones sky high. Is that too much to ask?


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